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Madden changes every year, but some things remain constant like the thrill of the competition that drives players to keep playing year after year. To celebrate our rich diversity,'s Community Spotlight wants to offer our gratitude to players to work tirelessly to enhance the Madden experience for others. This Spotlight features Raymond Goode, aka Shopmaster from and where Madden players can find a social network of Madden players or unique team league style game play.

They often say football is an emotional game.  The proverbial "they" never thought of Madden when they coined that phrase, but it couldn't be more correct.  Because Madden generates high levels of emotion, some players act on those emotions without thinking of the consequences.  Madden has accounted for more than it's fair share of broken controllers, fist fights, and in extreme cases, crime. Results vary.  But what happens when those claiming to be friends do the most harm? 

This episode features the TNT713's Panthers fighting against dennis2765's Cowboys in a battle that goes down to the very last play.  Tightly contested for the duration, be sure to watch this one for the dramatic and surprising ending.

Small decisions matter, especially on special teams.  On kickoffs it is sometimes better to take a knee than attempt to run it back.  In recent memory getting the ball to the 20-yard line was enough to justify the risk of poor field position, but the NFL changed the rule for kickoffs for the 2016 season.  Now, a touchback grants the receiving team possession at the 25-yard line instead of the 20. 

When things go bad, they can go very bad.  This episode of GameFilm features XxCALI_BOY_619xX's Chargers against TNT713's Panthers in a game for the ages.  Hit with a rash of mistakes early that put the Panthers in a deep hole, TNT battles back and takes the game to the wire.  Check out this episode for the full game.

We step into our second ranked online game of Madden NFL 18 with a little swagger earned after shutting out our opponent in a 31-0 mauling of the Cowboys.  Our Panthers keep pounding in the second game against dmothegreat's Falcon team.  Check out this edition of GameFilm. 

The first ranked online game of Madden is always the toughest, especially after a long layoff at the end of the previous year.  In this first foray into Madden NFL 18, TNT713's Panthers face off against RayHitz96's Cowboys in AT&T Stadium for a battle against another first timer.  Check out this video for a look at how this year started out. 


Fourth down is decision time.  Often, Madden players make the wrong decision.  For reasons unknown to football traditionalists, some people simply refuse to punt.  There is a perception that punting indicates weakness and is indicative of offensive failure.  Perhaps.  But consider that punts flip the field position an average of 30+ yards virtually every time its called, punting is actually the most successful play in the history of football.


Game Film captured from real online gameplay early in the Madden NFL 25 season.  My beloved Panthers fight hard against the Baltimore Ravens.  Captured on release day, my opponent and I both seemed to be tinkering with the new features and functions and adjusting to the way players move.  Defensive coverage seemed to be the biggest adjustment as the remainder of the game came second nature. 

Check out the first of many Madden NFL 25 videos in the Game Film library!


Game Film captured from real online gameplay early in the Madden NFL 25 season.  My beloved Panthers find themselves down to the high octane Broncos early. Mistake after mistake negated point opportunities as my offense did more harm than good.  Fortunately, my defense bent but didn't break and kept me within striking distance so minor adjustments could get me back in the game.

Watch the full game to see how a strange special teams mishap effected the game in this edition of GAME FILM.


The threat of passes to dominant receivers has long been a way of life for Madden players with a penchant for exploiting personnel mismatches.  Successfully completing passes for 1st downs or scores puts pressure on defenses without the personnel to keep top receivers under wraps.  Unfortunately, some teams have great corners that make getting open a supreme challenge.  This tip submitted by legacy member "thewatcher15" illustrates a quick easy way to escape the clutches of shutdown corners. 


Playing Madden online against human competition means potentially facing maniacally blitz happy defenses. It's simple. If there's one thing Madden players struggle with, it's beating blitzes. Aggressive Madden coaches rely on heat to pile pressure on opponents. An intense rush forces offenses into the tough task of making quick decisions without turning the ball over. Protecting from pressure schemes isn't just necessary for success, it is essential to enjoying Madden.


By default, Madden comes prepackaged with playbooks designed to imitate real NFL teams.  But what if you don't like the mix of formations and plays in any of them.  Why use a playbook that only has a handful of good plays and a boatload of bad ones.  Moreover, why not collect the best plays from all the playbooks into one playbook that you can use or at the very least, build a playbook with the best plays for the way you play and make reads.  Building your own custom playbook can be a time consuming task, but there are shortcuts to creating the perfect playbook for your tastes.


The resulting fog surrounding players can lead them to believe not only that there is honor in quitting, but that players have a duty to quit in some situations. When Madden players base their sportsmanship values on the contents of these discussions, the resulting values of entire communities can change. So what are the 'rules' about quitting games and when is it OK to do so?

There are three elements of football strategy: Personnel, Position, and Tempo; a strategic triangle.  With personnel, players opt to position players to force tempo.  With position, players attempt to regain a tempo advantage with personnel with speed. With tempo, players position personnel.  As with any competitive endeavor, defensive players must always consider how the offense will use the same aspects and offset offensive advantages.


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"I learned that if you want to make it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it." - Gale Sayers

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