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Creating a defensive scheme is an important, yet difficult, task. Like any scheme, it must enjoin a gimmick that is consistently woven throughout to be successful.  Likewise, the common thread cannot be easily discernible to opponents or the scheme may fall apart.  On the flip side, trying to hard to add diversity to a defensive scheme will make the structure seem wildly incoherent and out of sync.  To succeed, a good defensive scheme must have a theme that can be flexibly applied to every decision made for the defense.

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There are three elements of football strategy: Personnel, Position, and Tempo. These items provide a strategic triangle.  Where position is an issue, players may attempt to regain some of the tempo advantage by using personnel with speed. Where tempo is an issue, players may opt to position pass rush personnel closer to the center of the formation. Where personnel is an issue, players may opt to position players to force tempo. As with any competitive endeavor, defensive players must always consider how the offense will use these same aspects and offsets the offensive advantages.

Formation is an example of how position is inherently relevant to the outcome of every play. Madden players who pay keen attention to the formations of their opponents can use simple rules to tip the scales in their favor whenever they chose to bring the heat.

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Wanna win?  Virtually all coaches agree that winning the turnover battle is the single most important statistic used to determine the outcome of football games.  Madden games aren't any different.  The team that turns the ball over the least is usually the victor.  On the flip side, forcing turnovers on defense earns extra possessions and scoring opportunities for your team while decreasing the same for your opponents.  Simply put, playing good defense means taking the ball away from your opponent.


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