Many things have changed over the past 8 years of online play; but one thing that hasn't is the number of players looking to enjoy their Madden NFL gaming experience against communities of like minded players.  Dfense, once a member of the Madden community geared toward simulation football, agreed to talk to MaddenUniversity about his passion for football and playing Madden. 

Madden players come on all types. To celebrate the rich diversity of the Madden community, is working to highlight key members from various sites that enhance the Madden experience.

Q: - How is different from other Madden sites?

Dfense: - I believe our site stands apart from other communities is in that we live in a private tight knit madden community. Membership is by invite only and all of our members our over 25 years of age. Also we play a relaxed atmosphere with no rush to get games in, no booting of members, and there is rarely an argument about gameplay between members.

Q: - What about draws you here?

Dfense: - I enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie at I've had the pleasure of meeting Ken (the owner) in person. When you're close enough via the internet to go out and meet someone in person, I think that makes it a pretty awesome place to be to actually say you really do know these people.

Q: - What are the biggest rewards to your STR8SIM membership?

Dfense: - Being able to be on a site where I know no matter who I play I don't have to worry about gameplay, and I know I've played them in Madden for years.

Q: - What are the biggest challenges facing the Madden community as a whole?

Dfense: - I think the biggest challenge is the fact that several communities promote the bad side of madden, not naming any sites but we all know of the site who hands out "tips" for money and playbook specialties and such those types of sites give madden a bad name. Their needs to be more sites like Str8/Sim that strive for the NFL Experience.

Q: - How long have you been playing Madden?

Dfense: - I've been playing madden since 1993 on the Sega Genesis. Back when we had the WR windows lol.

Q: - How would you describe your play style?

Dfense: - I'm definaely a Str8/SIM player, in terms of direct game play tactics I like the defensive battles so I run the ball probably 65-35 run to pass ratio, and defensively I take a bend but don't break mentality, and try to limit my opponent to FG's and punts.

Q: - What do you love most about the Madden?

Dfense: - What I love the most about madden is that each year the game is improving. I know there are a lot of Nay- Sayers out there, but hands down madden is the best football sim every year if you play in the right place to make it a football sim. So many sites are lax on rules, or the type of personalites they allow to join their leagues, and that makes for people exploiting the bad side of madden, the nanos the rocket catches etc. But if you're in a good place and with the right people it can be like your right there on Sunday afternoon playing a real NFL style game.

Q: - What gaming mode is your favorite (Franchise, Online, Head-to-Head, Practice, SuperStar, etc)?

Dfense: - My favorite mode has to be online head to head competition, with madden ultimate team a close second.

Q: - Has changed the way you play Madden? If so, How?

Dfense: - No it has just made me even a better player against people who play sim madden football. It has deft helped me improve my understandings of X' and O's of the game of football.

Q: - If you could change one thing about the STR8SIM community, what would it be?

Dfense: - I would change nothing, I think what makes us unique is that we allow members only by invite if we were to open up the flood gates and have to start curving people to our style it would lose our uniqueness, we would rather have people join that are looking for people that play our style already that way they fit right in from the outset, and it makes them feel much more comfortable as well as they know they don't have to change their game play what so ever.

Q: - If you could change one thing about the Madden community as a whole, what would it be?

Dfense: - I think the one thing that needs changing in the madden community is the thing I mentioned earlier we need more players more communities that want to make madden an NFL experience, and not a who can outwit the AI more.

Q: - Where do you see the biggest strides in community unity coming in the next year?

Dfense: - Hopefully with the EA Game changer program that I've heard about and the fact that several madden communities are already working together with EA, I think the biggest stride that will be made is in communities being more aware of that even more madden gamers out their exist then any of us really know. Some of us I'm guilty would have never even found madden university without Ken pointing me in this direction, we need more promotion and more gamers that want to be part of not just one web site but many to really intertwine the social network that is Madden and its gamers.

Q: - Are there other communities besides that you frequent, and why?

Dfense: - I frequent formerly, I play a majority of my early games aug-sept on because of the madden wars league. It is one of the most unique leagues out there and I encourage anyone who wants to be a part of something different to venture over there and check it out. The only other place I frequent is the already mentioned str8/ I play their year round. Our last madden season on madden 10 literally wrapped up days before the madden 11 release you can't beat a place where you can play madden from start to finish every year. In closing I just want to thank you for the opportunity to have this interview, it's an honor to be chosen to speak about one of the places I play the great game we all love Madden.

Special thanks for Ken Ingrey from for nominating Dfense for this week's Community Spotlight and to Dfense for being a face of the Madden community.

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