A Madden NFL 18 online ranked game between TNT713 Panthers and Cutthroat_Zbo Bears

Rage quit faces reality in a ranked game. TNT713's poor opponent, Cutthroat_Zbo, can't seem to get out of his own way.  Panthers force the Bears to bow out.

TNT713 proves that some games are too close for comfort.  Dubvbeerdrinker's Eagles, always within striking distance of the Panthers, put the result in doubt until the final gun.

Every play matters, but some plays matter more than others.  Chicago-Spartan's Falcons roll into Bank of Amierica Stadium to challenge TNT713's Panthers with a steady does of Gun Split Close.  The game takes a turn just before halftime, but mistakes keep the game within reach as momentum see-saws back and forth.  Check out the video and the dramatic ending!

In a "Get-right" game, TNT713 Panthers struggles against BNG808 Falcons where neither team can generate any offense.  For the bulk of the game, the difference is a razor thin defensive score until the end; when it matters most.  Will the baseball score upend TNT713's Panthers?  Or will the narrowest of margins for BNG808 (ranked 508) hold up?  Check out the video!

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