TNT713's Panthers face off against Leakdog's Bengals in this episode of Game Film featuring Madden NFL 17 online ranked games.  Our opponent smartly calls timeouts and manages the clock as best he can in this tightly contested game where any single play could be the difference.  Check out the video!

In this Madden NFL 17 online ranked game between LPOUVGES' Eagles and TNT713's Panthers, we see a lopsided score with a ton of forced errors.  Unlike most online players, the loser of this game refused to quit despite insurmountable odds and unending frustration.  Check out the video!

A Madden NFL 17 ranked game featuring the talents of Maylor-katracho Redskins against TNT713 Panthers.  This game looks like it's well in hand until the final frame. Is a comeback brewing, or will the Panthers hang on to complete the victory.  Check out this video!

This Madden NFL 17 ranked online game between DreamChaser541 and TNT713 features the Packers vs the Panthers and back and forth scoring with neither team gaining an advantage until the 4th quarter, where a late mistake ends the match abruptly with no doubt as to who the winner will be.  Check out the video!

Often, Madden NFL 17 players encounter opponents that have a limited playbook and refuse to punt.  In this online ranked game we give a quick less to one such player who's game is mired by taking unnecessary risks.  Check out this video!

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