Tight contests come down to the wire.  TNT713 Panthers have their hands full with the bad2bad Colts where a defensive stop is necessary to earn the victory!

If you're a fan of scoring football, this is the game for you.  TNT713 and EddieDagod23 go back and forth in frenzied fashion, lighting up the scoreboard in a hurry because both defenses took the night off.  All touchdowns, but don't blink or you might miss three.  Watch this one to the end as a special guest steps in to make a surprise appearance just when you think they never got off the bus.

Another Madden NFL 19 rage quit from a player getting shut out with no hope of scoring a point.  After a missed field goal from point blank range, go_sit_down267's Eagle team suffers a break down and never recovers.  Check out the video to see what happens:

TNT713 Panthers are away in New England fighting for the second win of Madden NFL 20 season with relentless defensive pressure and hard hits.

After earning our first win with a flimsy, but effective, custom playbook created in Building a Custom Playbook, we added more oomph to our custom playbook and started a new game.  This time we met DMurphy01's Rams team.  While our offensive woes became less pronounced, the Rams gave us a run for our money.  In the final moments, a key mistake was the difference in the game.  Check out the video to see what happens:

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