After a missed field goal from close, TNT713 Panthers forces a rage quit when go_sit_down267's Eagles loses any hope of scoring. 

We earned a win by Building a Custom Playbook.  We added oomph to our playbook, but DMurphy01's Rams gave us fits.  Who makes the key mistake and is the difference in the game?

Using a playbook with just 36 plays forces disciplined play.  One early mistake puts the TNT713's Panthers against the wall, can they claw back against GotYouPunk49's Falcons?

A Madden NFL 18 online ranked game between TNT713 Panthers and mueller11b Vikings

We record games to analyze performance and correct mistakes.  Here's a game TNT713 should win.  The Vikings of mueller11b make the Panthers look silly.  Will they give the game away?

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