TNT713 Panthers have reeled off a string of four razor thin wins by correcting mistakes in the 4th quarter. Blunts2Bottles Browns puts the streak in jeopardy when a slight mistake turns the tide.

TNT713 Panthers hit a wall against Datdude299 Cowboys in a game that comes down to the final second. Both teams are able to light up the scoreboard, but only one can come out a victor.

Sometimes we want to quit. In this game, the Panthers are taking a beating from Lions_Den27's Browns.  TNT713 starts managing clock like the half is ending.  Will the clock strategy work?

It's frustrating when plays don't go our way.  sirSuavealot's luck turns when the 49ers need a score. TNT713's new offensive scheme keeps the Panthers in it until a big play sparks 2nd quarter rage quit. 

Madden games get out of hand.  It's easy to quit and get another opponent, but TNT713 fights to the end.  What will K30Clip's Cowboys do when the Panthers don't roll over?

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