TNT713 Panthers hit a wall against Datdude299 Cowboys in a game that comes down to the final second. Both teams are able to light up the scoreboard, but only one can come out a victor.

TNT713 walks into AT&T Stadium with a confidence that comes with a 3-game win streak, but is suddenly brought back to earth when an unwise throw gives the Cowboys an easy 6 points.  The 1st quarter continues with the Panthers offense failing to capitalize on missed opportunities, leading to a field goal, while the defense keeps up their end.

The 2nd quarter finds the Panthers offense firing on all cylinders as Datdude299 struggles to get a stop.  As time winds down in the half, the Cowboys hit a wall just outside the redzone and settle for a field goal to tie the game at the half. 

The 3rd quarter begins with the Cowboys mixing heavy a dose of Ezekiel Elliot into their offense.  A nifty juke move leaves a jock strap on the field as the Cowboys take a 3-point lead. 

In the first offensive possession for the Panthers, TNT713 mixes in a few run threats of his own.  Cam Newton breaks away on two scramble runs that get the ball inside the 5-yard line to setup the game tying score. 

Late in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys are driving when a well timed hit stick forces a fumble the that the Panthers take back for the scored.  With 1:48 remaining, and the lead, TNT713 makes a tries to protect the win while Datdude299 pushes the ball downfield for the game tying score.  With 0:26 left in regulation of a tied ball game, TNT still has 2 timeouts in his back pocket...  Will he avoid overtime and earn the victory?

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