Be an offensive coordinator!   Build your full customized game-ready offensive playbook in a 7-step process.  Take 36 plays into battle in a cohesive playbook of your own. 

High pressure defensive schemes call for quick passing Madden offensive schemes.

Our offenses need to keep moving forward; even in small chunks.  This tip, submitted by legacy member LHSPanther62, explains how to use quick passes keep the chains moving.

Don't let fast passers give you the run around in Madden. Use these techniques to take the quarterbacks legs out from under him...

Don't let fast passers give you the run around.  You'll need tools in your game plan to neutralize fast passers.  TNT713 shares how he de-scrambles quarterbacks. 


Big plays happen when players can get to the sidelines.

Stick-skills are dangerous in the open field, but more big plays come from scheme than jukes. This tip, submitted by WFColonel56, tells us not to overlook the sidelines when creating big plays.


Blitzing offensive formations in Madden starts with knowing the weaknesses.

Strategy requires three elements: Personnel, Position, and Tempo. Elite defensive players customize their blitzes for each opponent. Take advantage of offensive formation weaknesses to blitz the best gaps. 

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