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Official Tournament Rules

These rules will be used for all officially sponsored Madden tournament events, online and offline, with all items enforced whenever possible.  Differences between online and offline events, where possible, are noted.  Wherever online and offline event eventualities occur, tournament official judgements are final. 

Madden NFL changes slightly each year, but some things remain constant; like the thrill of the competition that drives players loyalty to the game. To celebrate Madden's diversity, we spotlight passionate Madden players that work to enhance the gaming experience for others. This interview features Raymond Goode, aka Shopmaster from where Madden players can find a social network of Madden players or unique team league style game play.


Many things have changed over the past 8 years of online play; but one thing that hasn't is the number of players looking to enjoy their Madden NFL gaming experience against communities of like minded players.  Dfense, a member of the Madden community geared toward simulation, agreed to talk to MaddenUniversity about his passion for football and playing Madden. 


In this Communities Interview we meet the the grand-daddy of all Madden NFL strategy; who has arguably helped more players than any other. Paul Gleason, better known as Kobra, has authored close to 40 strategy guides for Madden and other football games base on real concepts used at all levels of football. Kobra is now writing strategies for and

It was a great Madden NFL game between the Panthers and the Bengals, complete with see-saw scores until the final 0:19 of the 4th quarter when all the rules went out the window.  Talk about home field advantage!  Three straight passes out of bounds are incorrectly ruled complete as my opponent moves closer to a game winning score - ending a 5 game win streak.  ARGHHHH.  EA!  You're killing me!!!

The MaddenUniversity logo symbolizes the essence of Madden players everywhere.


MaddenUniversity is gaming website specifically for players of the Madden NFL series from EA Sports.  We love pro football and we love playing Madden, but people often ask, "What's the deal with the alien on the helmet?" The explanation is simple.  It's not an alien.  The explanation of what it 'is' isn't as simple.  But we hope this article will shed some light on the subject. 

Like real life football, the Madden NFL community contains players with diversity of competitiveness and experience. Pitting players of varied levels together in a single arena presents challenges developers seek solutions for annually. The equation of how to create enjoyable Madden experiences for new and old players alike without alienating either has variables that are ever shifting? Much of a player's enjoyment relies on his attitudes toward his own development.  How can we play together in harmony?

Use this reliable system to improve your Madden experience.


In my personal experience through more than 6000 online games I have learned several lessons about what it takes to fully enjoy playing Madden NFL. Being able to compete is paramount, but being competitive isn't an overnight thing. There are no shortcuts to excellence. It takes effort, dedication, attention to detail, the proper mental perspective, and support. I enjoyed playing Madden; I did not enjoy losing.  So I set off to find the path to better Madden performance.

Rarely does the discrepancy in skill or comfort playing Madden NFL factored into "Chess vs. Cheese" discussions.


Many factors combine to determine a player's stance on the subject including, but not limited to; football experience, Madden NFL experience, awareness, decisiveness, and mental fortitude. With all the swirling opinions, accusations, and rationalization someone must be right, right? Whom, among ethical Madden players, remains to be the question with which we wrestle.


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