Steal a possession by forcing fumbles in Madden games.

Fumbles don't happen by accident. If we want to play winning defense, we'll need to jar the ball loose.  Forcing fumbles is an art form requiring practice and the right technique. 

Great Madden NFL players possess the uncanny ability to force several fumbles a game by exploiting weaknesses and tendencies in their opponent's ball handling fundamentals. 

Average Madden players assume that fumbles are fluke occurrences; good Madden players know better.  Virtually every coach agrees that turnovers are the single most important statistic determining football game outcomes; so they coach to force fumbles because the team that turns the ball over most usually loses. When our defense can force turnovers scoring opportunities for our team and simultaneously decreases steals them from our opponents.  Simply put, the best defenses take the ball away.  Madden isn't any different.

Tackling with the strip button / is one way to force fumbles.  The key is using attacking the arm a ball carrier uses to hold the ball.  Since most Madden players don't use the "Cover Ball" / or "Switch Ball" / functions, they leave the ball exposed.  If your defender is on the same side the ball carrier is holding the ball, all it takes is a well timed strip tackle to get it on the ground.  While strip tackles are easily broken, ripping the ball free is worth the risk; especially when a group of defenders can clean up the runner if you miss.  Knocking the ball loose once or twice will turn the tide of any game and makes opponents alter how they execute plays. 

Heavy hits are another way separate the runner from the ball.  Using the hit stick and dive tackles / when players run with the ball exposed can both force the fumble and take the ball carrier out of the recovery scrum.  While the hit stick is an aggressive tactic, lowering the boom and but knocking the ball out is a quick way to take your opponent's momentum. 

Quarterbacks are notorious for putting the ball on the ground when they are pressured and when they scramble.   Quick edge pressure can make many quarterbacks cough the ball up no matter which tackle button you use; but you can purposely attempt a strip tackle in the pocket or opt for big hits to increase your chances.  Once again, the risk of a whiff on the hit is well worth the potential fumble that might occur.

Common Madden players may think fumbles are random flukes, but the art of forcing fumbles puts your team in the driver seat in all types of head-to-head matches and makes our defense fearsome.  Practice techniques to rip the ball from ball carriers.  Dividends rank from stopping opponent's drives, creating starting field position for our offense and the occasional scoop and score for instant points.

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