Big plays happen when players can get to the sidelines.

Stick-skills are dangerous in the open field, but more big plays come from scheme than jukes. This tip, submitted by WFColonel56, tells us not to overlook the sidelines when creating big plays.


Whether springing ball carriers or receivers for huge gains, most explosive offenses use the sidelines.  Stretching defenses horizontally - don't take it from me - check out how WFColonel56 uses the sidelines to create impact plays!

Getting to the edge of the field leads to big plays! A few years ago I thought a lot about my own Atlanta Falcons (real life team) and their off season moves. Every move was justified by, "We are trying to get more explosive," which was demonstrated by picking up Julio Jones and Jacquiz Rodgers. That whole thing got me thinking about incorporating the same philosophy into my own Madden game.

There are many types of offenses that you can run in football, but if you want to be an explosive offense you have to learn how to live on the edge of the field.

What do I mean by that?

You have to be able to stretch the field laterally (as well as vertically but that is step 3) Fact is, the biggest football plays are made down the sideline because it allows fast players to use their speed and all the big scary men who hit really hard are in the middle of the field.

Ways to get to the edge:

  • Tosses, stretch plays, and other outside runs
  • Screens (HB, WR, FB, and bubble screens)
  • Quick passes
  • Quarterback Scrambles and Bootlegs (possible with more Quarterbacks than just Vick, Newton, and RGIII)

With all of these options available to you there should be no reason why you cant get to the edge, but what to do when you out flank the defense. Simple, you conjure your inner Barry Sanders and make plays. When you're on the edge there are a few different things you can do that are game plan oriented.

  • Get out of bounds to protect your players (essential for fumble prone quarterbacks and running backs)
  • Get out of bounds to stop the clock (when time is short or it's your plan scheme to conserve time all game)
  • Stay in bounds to keep clock moving (slide with QB or just get tackled in bounds)

When the defense respects your edge game, the middle of the field becomes exposed. We've all heard a million times that the run opens up the pass (or pass/run), similarly, but attacking the edge opens up the middle. After the defense has respect for your ability to get outside, the effect lasts the entire game. Defending the entire field becomes that much harder.

As you watch football, take note of how many of the big plays were made outside of the numbers to the sidelines. And look at the big plays inside the hashes and for MOST of them you will see that the defense is making a concerted effort to respect the edge.

Get to the edge, to stretch the defense horizontally. Explosive plays are built when the offense can get to the outside.



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