High pressure defensive schemes call for quick passing Madden offensive schemes.

Our offenses need to keep moving forward; even in small chunks.  This tip, submitted by legacy member LHSPanther62, explains how to use quick passes keep the chains moving.

Combine quick-pass routes, drags, and play-action with tall physical receivers.  Particularly when playing against short defensive backs, quick passes can pick up crucial yards consistently. 

To start, call any non-shotgun play with a comeback route. As soon as you snap the ball, throw a high lob to the receiver running the comeback. Against short cornerbacks with low awareness, a taller receiver should gain 5-6 yards. When the cornerback attempts an interception, the offense will gain much more.

When the defense jams the receiver, it is still possible to get rid of the ball quickly with the right route and some patience. Drag routes may not seem like they pick up much, but they are very effective against aggressive press coverage. It's easy to hot route a receiver to a drag; simply press triangle/Y, the receiver's icon, and down on the right stick. After the snap, wait for the receiver to separate, then lead a bullet out in front of the receiver and away from defenders. Keep an eye out for defenders spying the quarterback; their depth can be problematic against drag routes.

When cornerbacks press, receivers usually separate on vertical routes like posts, streaks, and fades also. When the safety comes down into the box, call for play-action with MAX protect and send a receiver on a fade. Wait for the receiver to get behind the CB then lob it to him. User Catching will reward stick skills. Try to aggressively high point the pass by jumping and catching the ball over the defenders head.

With the combination of quick passes, drag routes, and deep play-action routes, you can keep any defense in check and your offense on schedule. 

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