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Why MaddenUniversity? has been a trusted member of the Madden community since August 2003 and is different from other Madden websites because we give you more chances to WIN.    If that isn't enough, our articles, forums, and videos offer tips that improve your performance and give you the upper hand every time you pick up the sticks.



What can I expect from MaddenUniversity?


Easy...  We're All-Madden all the time!  Unlike websites that try to cover every sports and battle game, we stick with Madden 100%.  MaddenUniversity connects you to the best strategies, communities, and competition for the Madden NFL series.  Everything does is meant to enhance your enjoyment, preparation, and execution when you play Madden. 



Our Strategies section prepares you for your next opponent.

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  • Special Teams
  • Game Planning

Our Communities section connects you to players from all over the Madden map.

  • Interviews
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  • Madden Links

Our Competition section gives you the opportunity to become a champion.

  • Online
  • Tournaments
  • Rules
  • NFL Links







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