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Wanna Start Winning Madden Games Now?


MaddenUniversity is eager to help.  Our Strategies section plugs you into tools that get you winning now and helps you develop habits to keep your streaks going.  We help build a solid foundation by focusing on the skills that matter most, so you won't have to start from scratch every year when Madden comes drops.   Everything we do is geared toward enhancing your football gaming experience. 






  • Read defenses and complete passes all over the field
  • Run the ball based on the defensive fronts
  • Block with tactics that open holes and create passing lanes



  • Pinpoint weaknesses in offensive formations to maximize your pass rush
  • Learn to pick up patterns and limit options for your opponent
  • Keep no-huddle offenses off balance with quick audibles and manual movement


Special Teams

  • Setup kick and punt blocking to burst through for the longest returns
  • Play for field position with a solid punt game
  • Kick on disappointing drives to keep piling on the points


Game Planning

  • Save time at practice while preparing for game time situations
  • Build customized playbooks for offense and defense
  • Manage the clock like a seasoned professional







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