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How much will a MaddenUniversity account cost?

MaddenUniversity could charge several hundred dollars for the services we provide, but you work hard for your money.  Unlike most sites where your FREE account opens basic tips as a teaser while the good stuff is hidden unless you pay for a subscription, signing up for a MaddenUniversity account is absolutely FREE and grants full access to everything we offer. 

We are staffed by dedicated individuals with our sole purpose of enhancing your enjoyment of playing, preparing, and winning Madden games. 

If you don't charge for memberships, how does MaddenUniversity stay in business?

For more than 16 years MaddenUniversity was financed by our Founder, TNT713, as a service to the Madden community.  While we charge entry fees for tournament events with guaranteed cash prizes regardless of turnout, all of our site's articles and resources are absolutely FREE to our members. 

Furthermore, MaddenUniversity protects your privacy and NEVER sells your personal information to anyone for any reason. 




What are you waiting for? 

Maybe you're the best Madden player on your block.  But the Madden world is much bigger than your block.  Or even your neighborhood.  Sooner or later, you're going to face an overwhelming challenge.  Don't throw another controller?  Don't rage quit a any more games?  Don't waste any more hours learning cheap exploits that will be obsolete in the next title patch?  Don't spend another dollar at Madden sites that tell you how to run a handful of plays. 

Today is the day to change your Madden game for the better.   When you're ready MaddenUniversity, the longest continuosly operating Madden site on earth, will be FREE for members to find the Strategies, Communities, and Competition that make Madden the best selling sports franchise in the United States.




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