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Quick Tips

  • Dive and Dontate

    Diiving at ball carriers can be costly when you miss.

    Diving at a ball carrier can be costly when you miss.  Not only is it one less player in pursuit, but the down defender can impede the progress of players behind them. 


    Hold the tackle button (Square/X) down only as a last resort.  Tap it instead to make wrap tackles.

  • No Shame in Punting

    Don't go for it on 4th down without a really good reason.

    Players quit online Madden games when they don't punt.  Upset they can't get stops on 4th downs, or worse, unable to accept bad decisions; both avoided with punts. 


    There's nothing shameful about punting.  After all, only punting changes field position 30+ yards most every time it's called.

  • Don't Muff It Up

    Fair catch an incoming punt to prevent muffs.

    Turnovers are poison to Madden players.  Fair Catch on punt returns is the antidote.  When coverage teams close in, it's better to forfeit returns and gain possession than cough it up. 


    Hit the Triangle/Y button before catching punts so good coverage won't jar the ball loose. 

  • Points Are Points

    Taking the three points can make all the difference in tight games.

    Don't be greedy on 4th down.  Take the points when you in range.  Kicking field goals is nothing to be ashamed of and is preferable to a failed 4th down conversion. 


    Even when players convert on 4th down, it doesn't guarantee points will light up the scoreboard.

  • Make Tighter Cuts

    Use the Precision Modifier to make sharper moves.

    Madden NFL 25 added a "Precision Modifier" activated with the L2/LT button.  Jukes, spins, and stiff arms are easier to control and dives and hurdles can take you over defenders. 


    To make use of the new feature, simply hold the L2/LT button while making special moves. 

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