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    If winning was easy, everyone would do it. Since August 2003 MaddenUniversity.com has helped players play like a champion with the best strategies, communities, and competition.  Football is a rough sport played by tough men...  May the Best Plan Win!


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  • Madden Strategies

    Madden Strategies for offense, defense, special teams, and game planning

    MaddenUniversity.com provides fundamentally sound football strategies to help you excel on offense, defense, special teams, and game planning on any version of Madden!


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  • Madden Communities

    MaddenUniversity.com talks to the community about issues facing the Madden landscape

    Who you play with and against matters.  The Madden community is driven to win.  Check out our interviews of some of the most influential and prolific Madden players from around the community. 


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  • Madden Competition

    Madden players are a competitive bunch.  Find the best competition for your skill level.

    Madden players competitive.  How you play matters.  MaddenUniversity.com's Competition section highlights the types of players we face, their styles, and ways to get the most out of every challenge.


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