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They often say football is an emotional game.  The proverbial "they" never thought of Madden when they coined that phrase, but it couldn't be more correct.  Because Madden generates high levels of emotion, some players act on those emotions without thinking of the consequences.  Madden has accounted for more than it's fair share of broken controllers, fist fights, and in extreme cases, crime. Results vary.  But what happens when those claiming to be friends do the most harm? 

In all fairness, Madden is a reflection of the game it simulates, and the community that plays it.  The good, bad, and the ugly (queue whistling).  For the most part, the community thrives on honorable competition.  Sometimes, that honor is misplaced and ends up hurting the community because of those emotions we spoke about earlier.  The most recent breach of ethics occurred this week when a player with a YouTube channel, who shall remain nameless, posted a how-to instruction video detailing the current version of the dreaded "Disconnect Glitch."

For those of you who aren't familiar with Disconnect Glitches, they allow a player to bug out of a game they are losing in a way that either negates the stats of the game as if it never happened or, in the worst case, awards the person performing the glitch a win while penalizing the other player with a loss. 

Disconnect glitches have evolved over the years.  Each one is different, until this season.  Without getting into the specifics of how to perform the Disco on Madden NFL 18, there is an issue for both the Microsoft and Sony gaming systems that is contained in the operating system that creates a loophole for players.  Dishonorable players exploit this loophole to escape losses and in many cases get unearned wins. 

Getting back to the instructional video, the step-by-step video is riddled with ethical inconsistencies.  The narrator opens with the claim that he doesn't want anyone to perform the glitch, over and over again, as if his video were merely a public service announcement yet no words of caution follow as he betrays close ties at EA Sports that asked him not to publicize the instructions of how to preform the glitch.  It isn't a warning to players to be aware of unethical players.  It is literally a key to those seeking a method to cheat from a so-called leader that is, in this writers opinion, morally bankrupt. 

The justification for the video was that Weekend League, a Madden Ultimate Team competition for coins on weekends, meant something because coins were at stake and unethical players were using this shortcoming in the game code to steal victories and coins.  The video's purpose was to even the playing field by providing this glitch to the community at large.  The poster's claim that developers at EA Sports Tiburon Studios were aware of the flaw and have been for at least two years and have neglected to provide a fix.  It was supposed to be a Robin Hood moment.

It wasn't long before the backlash began.  Community leaders from many websites were quick to voice their disapproval.  As they should.  It's never the right time to do the wrong thing.  Unleashing a glitch that has the ability to destroy the competitive spirit of entire communities will only have ill effects.  The poster assumed that his "warning" will only reach honest players seeking truth, but honorable players aren't looking for ways to glitch opponents.  Glitchers do.  The release of the video is the equivalent of kicking a hornets nest so that no one gets stung. 

There is hope that the poster will come to his senses and take the video down before the masses looking for just such an advantage get it.  Until then, the idea of promoting ugliness for the common good will persist.  Meanwhile, savvy players like myself will thrive on the notion that making fools quit is better than merely winning. 

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