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All the Different Run Plays

Category: Offense 12 months ago

Below is a basic description of the diversity of running plays available in Madden.  While this is not the exhaustive list, it will give beginning players an overview of the basic schematic similarities of the various types of run plays available.  Hopefully, players that rely heavily on the run game will be able to use this list to determine what, if anything, they may need to adjust in their run game to best keep the chains moving on the ground:

Iso - These runs use man to man blocking to put an offensive hat on a defensive hat.  Each block is one on one and is most effective when the offensive line can overpower the defensive line. 

Zone - These runs use offensive linemen blocking the first defender in an area with one or two combination blocks initially by uncovered linemen before they release to pick up defenders on the second level. 

Off Tackle - These runs may be Iso or Zone blocking, but give the runner an option to go just off the offensive tackle's outside hip, or bounce the run to the outside.

Power - These runs use linemen pulling horizontally along the line of scrimmage in an effort to outnumber defenders with big linemen on the edges.

Stretch - These runs use one on one zone blocking with the quarterback meeting the runner outside the guard for the handoff.  The purpose is to provide a wall of blockers and allow the runner to decide which gap to attack after one cut. 

Counters and Misdirection - These plays may use Iso or Power blocking with a runner that steps in the opposite direction before turning to take the handoff in the opposite direction. The goal is to get the defenders to move the wrong way first. 

Toss and Sweeps - These plays are designed to get outside the numbers where there are less defenders.  They rely on speed and a seal block at the edge that pins defenders inside and prevents a straight pursuit angle to the ball carrier. 

Depending on a Madden player's individual play style and scheme, they may be able to simply mix these runs to keep the defense off balance while still attacking the same gaps at the line of scrimmage.  Even if the defense knows where you are running, they will have to guess which blocking style you are using on the fly and attack it accordingly.  Against most Madden players, simply changing between complimentary run schemes will be enough to maintain a potent run threat.

Hope this helps.


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