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Confidence in Kicking

Category: Special Teams 11 months ago

Recently, published an article called Going for Three that emphasized the importance of the kicking game to earn points instead of a risky 4th down attempt within scoring range. 

Last night, I came face to face with the reason I wrote that article.  In a tight game against the Steelers, my beloved Panthers scored a go-ahead TD to put us up 1pt.  Naturally we opted to go for a 2pt conversion to put us up 3pts.  WE FAILED... 

Up until that point, I hadn''t "stopped" my opponent''s offense, even though I has slowed him down and kept him from breaking any long runs or passes.  On his final drive, I wanted to play it safe to force the ball underneath.  He anticipated my defense would give up underneath routes and took advantage with slants, drags, and a screen that kept the clock ticking.  As he got beyond the 50, he took a chance and my defense missed an opportunity to end the game. 

On the next play, a pass got his offense down to the 28 with a few seconds left.  He took a timeout.  I also took a timeout.  As we talked on the mic, I asked him how good his kicking abilities were.  He responded with the utmost confidence... 

To know how this ends, look out for an edition of Game Film to be published in a few weeks. 


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