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Games End In Ties

Category: Game Planning 10 months ago

I just learned something I didn't know.  Online games can now end in a tie at the end of overtime!!!

In previous years, online games continued until someone scored.  That was directly contradictory to NFL rules regarding overtime periods concluded with the score still tied.  This year, EA has the overtime rules correctly instituted in the Madden game.

Had I known, I would have conducted my final drive of the game differently. 

I drove into scoring range an lined up for the final field goal...  Only to have my opponent encroach by hitting my holder before the snap.  Since is was 2nd and 3, I was awarded a first down with 0:02 seconds left.  Instead of lining up for a distant field goal, I thought I'd move the ball closer and kick a field goal from the center of the field.  I ran the ball.

Much to my dismay, the game ended with the score tied at 24... 

I suspect my opponent was already aware of the OT rule.  Just as I was about to kick the game winning FG, he offered a Friendly Quit - which I declined.  Then he encroaches, preying on my ignorance... 

Don't get caught in the same situation... 


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