The MaddenUniversity logo symbolizes the essence of Madden players everywhere.

MaddenUniversity is gaming website specifically for players of the Madden NFL series from EA Sports.  We love pro football and we love playing Madden, but people often ask, "What's the deal with the alien on the helmet?" The explanation is simple.  It's not an alien.  The explanation of what it 'is' isn't as simple.  But we hope this article will shed some light on the subject. 

Use this reliable system to improve your Madden experience.

We want to compete at MADDEN, but becoming competitive takes time.  Excellence has no shortcuts.  Effort, dedication, attention to detail, a proper mental perspective help; but you'll need a system to get better.  TNT713 shares his.

The line between gamesmanship and sportsmanship in Madden NFL games is as simple as winning and losing.

We've played MADDEN NFL head-to-head for decades, but online play changed the game for good and tipped the differences between gamesmanship and sportsmanship upside down. 

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