Special Teams

Special Teams

Taking a knee on kickoffs in Madden often results in better field position than a return.

Small decisions matter; especially on special teams.  It's better to take a knee than attempt a runback.  Touchbacks are worth a free trip to the 25.  That's better than most returns. 

Punting the ball away is easily the most effective play in the history of football.

Fourth down is prime time to make the wrong decision.  We don't punt enough.  TNT713 explains how the role of punts in flipping field position make them the most successful plays in the history of football.

Win more Madden games by kicking field goals when drives stall.

Kickers are the highest scoring players in the history of the NFL.  Check it out.  The leagues scoring record holders are virtually full of kickers.  After all, they don't call it football for nothing.  Check out why three points are better than none.

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