Don't let fast passers give you the run around in Madden. Use these techniques to take the quarterbacks legs out from under him...

Don't let fast passers give you the run around.  Long ago, Randall Cunningham demonstrated how a fast quarterback with an solid arm could change football.  Madden NFL 2004's cover athlete Michael Vick took scrambling quarterbacks mainstream, but the threats scrambling quarterbacks presented in Madden NFL 2004, two defensive assignments were added to Madden NFL 2005.  Ever since, speed is premium at the quarterback position for Madden NFL players and NFL organizations alike. You'll need tools in your game plan to neutralize fast passers.

Blitzing offensive formations in Madden starts with knowing the weaknesses.

Often, players forget that Madden NFL is a football game and that the three elements of football strategy Personnel, Position, and Tempo form a strategic triangle. The best defensive strategies consider how to use these aspects to offset offensive advantages; but those elite defensive players can customize their blitzes to speed up opponent offenses to the point of panic.  Take advantage of offensive formation weaknesses to blitz the best gaps!

Steal a possession by forcing fumbles in Madden games.

Forcing fumbles doesn't just happen by accident.  Great Madden NFL players possess the uncanny ability to force several fumbles a game by exploiting weaknesses and tendencies in their opponent's ball handling fundamentals.  Forcing fumbles is an art form that relies on timing, attention to detail, and practicing the right techniques.  Wanna play winning defense?  Then you'll need to learn to jar the ball loose too.

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