TNT713 Panthers match up against an opponent who is ranked 1299 (after the game) and runs a clinic on Creepfastkilla24's 49er team.  The dangers of executing plays as they are posted on YouTube are illustrated early as our opponent blindly throws two pick sixes within moments of the opening kickoff.  The ultimate result is a quick whoopin that ends shortly after halftime.  Check out the video?

A defensive struggle from beginning to end made touchdowns tough to come by.  TNT713 Panthers fight against DarKnightPrince_ Vikings and seem to find ways to get in their own way.  This game features a Viking scheme that blends power and deception to keep TNT713 on his toes.  Each play becomes more and more important in a tight game that comes down to the wire. 

The lesson in every game isn't always apparent, but this game has a glaring morale.  In this edition of GameFilm, pclayallday10 brings his Redskin team to meet TNT713's Panthers for a low scoring hard hitting knock-down drag-out that sees both teams fighting for every inch.  Filled with plays we want to take back, one in particular, haunts the loser.  Be sure to watch until the end to find the valuable lesson of the game. 

Madden NFL 17 ranked online game featuring MrZoom47's Packers vs TNT713's Panthers where mistakes in execution during key moments keep the game in doubt until the end.  Check out the video!

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