TNT713 Panthers have reeled off a string of four razor thin wins by correcting mistakes in the 4th quarter. Blunts2Bottles Browns puts the streak in jeopardy when a slight mistake turns the tide.

Blunts2Bottles25 brings his Browns into Charlotte to face off against TNT713's Panthers who are clinging to a win streak.  The Browns, however, have little regard for recent history as they charge downfield with an assortment of short passes.  An efficient scoring drive puts the Panthers behind the 8-ball early.

On their first possession, a well oiled dink-and-dunk offense manages to milk the clock and move downfield.  Red zone blunders squander a promising drive when the Panthers begin with a penalty and end with a turnover. 

On the Brown's ensuing possession, Blunts2Bottles25 picks up a chunk of yards in the middle, but offers up a miscue of his own after escaping the pocket.  Only for TNT713 to fire an unwise pass into coverage to give the ball right back.  The Browns find coverage tighter for the remainder of the half.

In the 2nd half, the Panthers piece together a respectable drive with some precision passing and a well timed scrambles by Cam Newton.  A penalty in he red zone is remind of the first drive, but the Panthers avoid deja vu and turn a broken play into points.

With the score tied the Browns move the ball easily across midfield for a TD drive, but miss the all important extra point with less than 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  As TNT713 surveys the situation, he finds a crack in the Browns defense.  Can he make the plays needed to win the game?  Will the extra point be the difference?

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