Be an offensive coordinator!   Build your full customized game-ready offensive playbook in a 7-step process.  Take 36 plays into battle in a cohesive playbook of your own. 

Not much has changed in the past few years of building custom playbooks; except our philosophy.  In this tutorial video, people that are not satisfied with the collection of stock playbook plays and formations can take TOTAL CONTROL of the plays available when they are on the field. 

We will break down the steps to remove all but a few desired plays in a playbook, and a process to rebuild it using plays all your own.  We also discuss a logical method to ensure your playbook is functional for online and offline H2H play when opponents may be eyeing your play selections.  A must watch for any player that wants to play football their own way in Madden. 

When we're done, you''ll have a playbook with 3 formations, 2 sets for each formation, and 6 plays per set.  You'll be able to take this playbook online, to engage the world. 

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