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Win more Madden games by kicking field goals when drives stall.

Kickers are the highest scoring players in the history of the NFL.  Check it out.  The leagues scoring record holders are virtually full of kickers.  After all, they don't call it football for nothing.  Check out why three points are better than none.

Madden NFL scoring records, not so much.  Madden players don't use their kickers to get points even when they are well within range on fourth and long.  Daring, but not necessarily smart. 

Let's face it; kicking a field goal isn't anyone's first option.  Everyone would prefer to light up the scoreboard with touchdowns.  A field goal is merely a way to wring points out of a disappointing offensive drive, unless its the end of a half and a field goal will give you the separation you need to pull out a win.  But when the chips are down, having confidence in the kicker to make a long field goal might be the difference in winning a nail biter or biting the bullet.  Then, the kicker is the everyone's best friend.

Not every kicker is created equal.  The Kick Power (KPW) rating determines a kicker's distance, while the Kicking Accuracy (KPA) determines his accuracy.  Madden players must consider their aptitude at maneuvering the kick meter prior to making the decision to attempt a field goal from any distance.  Since Madden players tend to opt to forego the routine field goal attempt, there is more pressure in crunch time.

To be successful at kicking, Madden players should know the ratings for each kicker on the their respective rosters.  Players that bounce from team to team may not be aware of their kicker's range or whether his accuracy from distance merits a long range attempt.  Lack of familiarity with a kicker's capabilities could justify avoiding the costly miss on an attempt that turns the ball over, but failure to take that chance early escalates any shortcomings when the game is on the line.

The most successful Madden field goal kickers don't hesitate to go for three when circumstances dictate.  Players that understand that not every possession will result in a touchdown are more than likely to win tight games.  Putting the ball through the uprights essentially wins games...  That's why kickers dominate the record books.

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